About Us

“NoHo: Make time for your community” is a service provided by USC Annenberg journalism students, Sean Malone, Diana Nemeh and Chima Simone.

Sean Malone is a cinematographer, independent producer and film journalist. He recently wrote, produced and shot The Invisible Man web series, based on the novel by H.G. Wells. The series will premiere online in late 2012. On his podcast, “The Camera Report with Sean Malone,” he regularly interviews prominent cinematographers and filmmakers, including Academy Award winners. The show can be found on iTunes. Before enrolling at Annenberg, Sean also taught media classes at The University of Tampa, and coached intercollegiate forensics at Florida College.

Diana Nemeh was born and raised in Damascus, Syria and speaks both Arabic and Bulgarian fluently. Since the start of the Syrian uprising, she has worked as a reporter for Saudi English TV and as a freelance producer for ABC News, Russia Today English and Central China TV. Also a singer, she is working on an independent progressive/ambient rock album. Nemeh graduated with a B.S. from Louisiana State University in 2008 and taught biology in local Syrian schools. Her ultimate goal is to publish a short story book in Arabic and translate it for English readers.

Chima Simone has always wanted to know everything: the newest restaurants, hottest boutiques, up and coming designers, on trend fashions, beauty secrets, bands behind the chart toppers, the plushest nightclubs, world-renowned hotels and celebrity dish. Her need to know naturally led her to journalism covering pop culture and entertainment. Having traveled the world, she has been fortunate to experience a myriad of cultures and lifestyles, but she finally settled down at the University of Texas long enough to attain her Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Simone has since interviewed celebrities from A to Z-list for various outlets and contributed to many online publications.